In the summer of 2013, Galeries Lafayette brought the 24-year-old Premier League MVP to the Bernabéu at a high price of hundreds of millions of euros, which is still inconsistent. In 7 years, from 200 million flying together to sitting on the bench, from the invincible BBC to the traffic taking off the story, until now, taking off the white shirt, Bell has left a total of 251 appearances and 105 goals for Real Madrid. And two La Liga, four UEFA Champions League, four Club World Cups, and 13 championship trophies.

2013年夏天,老佛爷百货公司(Galeries Lafayette)以24亿欧元的高价将这位24岁的英超最有价值球员带到了伯纳乌,但这仍然前后矛盾。在过去的7年中,从2亿人齐飞到坐在板凳上,从无敌的BBC到引人入胜的故事,到现在,贝尔脱掉白衬衫,总共为皇马留下了251次出场和105个进球。还有两个西甲联赛,四个欧洲冠军联赛,四个俱乐部世界杯以及13个冠军奖杯。

The witty British media also discovered that Real Madrid spoke highly of Reggie Long, who moved to Tottenham with Bell at the same time-"focus, profession, and role model". The above description and words did not appear in Bell's transfer statement. You said it was a coincidence.


No one knows whether this innuendo operation was intentional by Real Madrid. However, with the unremitting efforts of the Spanish media, the above conspiracy theories are very consistent with Bell’s indifferent and lonely personality. No matter whether on or off the court, it is against the host. The coach loves to answer his questions and stays away from his teammates. One of the most famous "crimes" is the legend that he has been based in Madrid for six or seven years and did not learn a few words of Spanish until he left.


In reality, Bell is far from being "non-professional", but for HRs, it is definitely not the best solution. Although the business ability is superb, the overall quality is lacking, such as personality, stress resistance, communication and resistance There are obvious shortcomings in the pressure ability, and the price and salary are too high, and the employment risk index is bursting.


When faced with controversy, criticism and setbacks, Bell's choice is to take the road of black fans, leaving black fans with nowhere to go. For example, the questioning of Real Madrid’s famous Mijatović was put on the public screen and sang along with the people of the motherland: "Wales, golf, Madrid, this is the order." The Spaniard, who has been in the sun since he was a child, obviously does not understand this. What kind of fairy logic is the shameless British humor?


Of course, it was Zidane that ultimately sent Bell back to the embrace of England. In the face of the head coach's resolute abandonment, Bell's attitude has always been non-proactive, non-refusal, and irresponsible. Two people with the same dead axis ran backwards with the same pride and persistence.


Bell's departure means that Real Madrid has completely bid farewell to the era of 200 million flying together. The former BBC combination is now only Benzema. Life is sometimes like Meilinger. I believe that I am destined to meet a bling bling hero who wears a golden armor and steps on seven-colored clouds. When you come closer, you suddenly realize that it is not Bell or C who will accompany you to the end. Luo, but Brother Guo. Surprised or not happy?


Among the six superstars in the first phase of the Galaxy Battleship, only Zidane retired from Real Madrid. The important reason was that Qi Zu hung up his boots early in the summer of 2006. Even local flags such as Raul, Guti, and Casillas can only give way to newcomers after their peak period and travel abroad to shine and live forever.

在银河战舰第一阶段的六位超级巨星中,只有齐达内从皇家马德里退役。重要的原因是Qi Zu于2006年夏季初挂了靴子。即使是劳尔(Raul),古提(Guti)和卡西利亚斯(Casillas)等当地旗帜也只能在高峰期后让给新移民,他们要出国旅行才能永远发光。

The once brilliant Cristiano Ronaldo and Bell left in the footsteps of their predecessors. The new Bernabéu stage, which was built with more than 500 million euros, is destined to belong only to the future. In the transfer window this summer, Real Madrid not only succeeded in getting rid of the two bad assets of Bell and Ronaldo, but also successfully cashed in 123.5 million euros through the sale of Ashraf, Oscar Rodriguez, Reggie Ron and others.

曾经光辉灿烂的克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)和贝尔(Bell)离开了他们的前任。耗资超过5亿欧元建造的新的Bernabéu舞台注定只属于未来。在今年夏天的转会窗口中,皇家马德里不仅成功摆脱了贝尔和罗纳尔多的两项不良资产,而且还通过出售阿什拉夫,奥斯卡·罗德里格斯,雷吉·罗恩等人成功兑现了1.235亿欧澳门亚美元。

Mbappé, Harland, Kamawenga, Upamecano, the big fish of the old master, do you say that the fragrance is not fragrant?


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