On October 21st, Beijing time, the second round of the CBA regular season continued. In the match between Shandong and Liaoning, the old Liaoning player Gao Shiyan played extremely well against the old boss. He scored 17 points in the first half. The field got 25 points, 4 assists and 4 steals. At the end of the third quarter, he also sent a magical three-pointer at the buzzer. In front of Guo Ailun and Zhao Jiwei, he completed his self-righteousness.


At the beginning of the first quarter, Gao Shiyan "fired in his eyes" and played extremely aggressively. In a single quarter, not only did he score 10 points on all 4 shots, but also showed his rich offensive methods-the start-stop jumper, the gorgeous breakthrough throw, and the impact to the basket during the transition, facing Guo Ailun and Zhao Jiwei. A big brother, he has no fear.


In fact, Gao Shiyan’s best offense in the entire first quarter appeared at 2:37 minutes of the first quarter. At that time, Gao Shiyan was switching offense, facing the Liao basketball team's encirclement and suppression, and sent a strong impact after dribbling from behind. The opponent's foul.


In the following quarter, Gao Shiyan continued to play steadily-at 6 minutes and 37 seconds of this quarter, Liaoning had just called a timeout. Yang Mingqian urged the players to keep their eyes on Gao Shiyan. As a result, the latter sent a three-pointer when he returned. , The camera was shown to Yang Ming on the sidelines, he also shook his head, the hot state of this former teammate gave him a very headache.

在接下来澳门亚美的一个季度中,高世彦继续稳步上场,在本季度的6分37秒,辽宁刚刚宣布暂停。杨明谦敦促球员们继续注视高石岩。结果,后者在他返回时派出了三分球。 ,摄像机显示给杨明在场边,他也摇了摇头,这位前队友的炎热状态让他非常头疼。

In the half game, Gao Shiyan scored 17 points. Not only did he perform well on the personal offensive level, Gao Shiyan's existence also provided the engine for Gong Xiaobin's rapid conversion tactics. He was like "Guo Ailun", constantly driving Shandong's offensive speed. After another 3 minutes and 03 seconds, Gao Shiyan promoted the fast break again. Facing Liaolan's catch-up and blocked shots, he cleverly passed the ball behind his head and Harris easily finished with an empty basket. At this time, Yang Ming's face was green and he could only helplessly call a stop again.


However, Gao Shiyan is the only starting point in Shandong after all. Facing the wheel battle in Liaoning, his physical problems have gradually become prominent. He didn't show much performance throughout the second half. In addition to this pass, there was a three-pointer at the buzzer at the end of the third quarter. In the end, Shandong also lost the game because of his flameout. However, in such a game, Gao Shiyan's ability must have been recognized by the Shandong team.


In the process of facing Biao Guo Ailun, although he was slightly disadvantaged, Gao Shiyan also completed the rectification through this game. The former Liao basketball substitute definitely has the potential to become a local core in other teams.


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