On October 5th, Beijing time, the third game of the NBA Finals started, and the Heat beat the Lakers 115-104. In this campaign, Butler scored a triple-double of 40 points, 11 rebounds and 13 assists, completely suppressing the core of the Lakers James, after winning, almost everyone praised Butler. Although he is indeed worthy of such compliments, the performance of other Heat players can not be ignored.


Especially in this game, Claude, who defends against the thick eyebrows, got a quasi double-double of 12 points and 8 rebounds in this campaign. More importantly, it was because of his excellent defense that he went crazy in the first two games. "Brother thick eyebrows", this campaign only got 15 points and 5 rebounds.

尤其是在这场比赛中,克劳德(Claude)抵御浓密的眉毛,澳门亚美在这项运动中获得了12分和8个篮板的准双打。更重要的是,由于他出色的防守,他在前两场比赛中变得疯狂。 “眉毛浓密的兄弟”,这项运动只得到了15分和5个篮板。

Although this is also due to the active defense of other players on the Heat team, under the circumstances of a serious loss in height, Claude has repeatedly caused huge consumption of "Brother Thick Eyebrow" by bypassing the front and getting stuck. The key to the success of the team's defense of "Brother Thick Eyebrow".


According to statistics after the game, when Crowder is on the court, the Heat can beat the Lakers by as much as 21 points. This data is second only to Duncan Robinson, who has a 26-point difference on the court, and even better than Butler. 1 point higher. It can be said that Crowder is the hero behind the Heat's victory in this game.


However, few people mentioned Claude's name after the game, which also made Warriors star Draymond Green complain about him. Green wrote on social media, “The lack of discussion or love for Jay Crowder in the park makes the integrity of the basketball game embarrassing.”


The reason Draymond Green speaks this way is because his role in the Warriors is similar to Crowder, but lacks their willingness to sacrifice themselves and work hard to do dirty work. Blue-collar, the team is also difficult to win. However, some fans and the media only care about the performance of big-name stars and lack the attention to their defensive players. Therefore, Green will complain for Claude.

德雷蒙德·格林(Draymond Green)这样说的原因是,他在勇士队中的角色类似于克劳德(Crowder),但缺乏愿意牺牲自己并努力工作以完成肮脏工作的意愿。蓝领,团队也很难取胜。但是,一些球迷和媒体只关心大牌球星的表现,而缺乏对防守球员的关注。因此,格林会为克劳德抱怨。

However, even if Crowder's performance is ignored by some fans and the media, the Heat's president Riley and head coach Spoelstra will definitely take Crowder's performance in their eyes, and after the end of this season, Crowder's contract will also expire, giving him a larger contract extension is also the best reward for his contribution.


No one commented, but quiet


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