Time will always erode the past years, making memories gradually mottled. Those stars who have accompanied us, those legends who have influenced football, use the football under their feet to depict a colorful and colorful world.


Knowing the ball Emperor grandly launched the Football Hall of Fame, condensing the touch that every legend brings to us. Every Tuesday night at ten o'clock, wonderful presentations.


On March 20, 2019, I came to the southeast suburb of Amsterdam for the first time and walked out of Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena station. Like most European stadiums on the outskirts of cities, the surroundings are not so modern. The only way to the stadium is traversed by a river, and a group of wild ducks flutters without anyone else.


After more than ten minutes' walk, we arrived at the destination of the pilgrimage. 694 days ago, it was also called the Amsterdam Arena. Since April 25, 2017, this name has become the history of the city, replaced by the "Johan Cruyff Arena" (Johan Cruyff Arena). .

经过十多分钟的步行路程,我们到达了朝圣的目的地。 694天前,它也被称为阿姆斯特丹竞技场。自2017年4月25日起,这个名称已成为这座城市的历史,由“约翰·克鲁伊夫竞技场”(Johan Cruyff Arena)取代。 。

In the 70 years before that, John Cruyff fell to the ground in Amsterdam and descended on the earth; 396 days before that, John Cruyff hurriedly left and died.

在此之前的70年中,约翰·克鲁伊夫(John Cruyff)跌落在阿姆斯特丹的地上,降落在人间。在此之前的396天,约翰·克鲁伊夫(John Cruyff)匆匆离开而死。

Although there was no less talk with the Ajax management in his later years, when the deceased passed away, the past grievances disappeared. Apart from him, no one else's name deserves to be hung on this building built in 1996.


On April 25, 1947, Hendrik Johannes "John" Cruyff was born in Amsterdam.


Like many stars of his time, Cruyff started his first football career on the streets when he was young. The street where he lived when he was a child has a nickname, "Concrete Village", as the name suggests, this is a concrete street. In order to avoid falling, Cruyff tried his best to learn and master how to control his balance.


How much did Cruyff love football when he was a child? In the eyes of the teacher, he is the most troublesome troublemaker. Every day, he secretly brings a football into the classroom, listening to the class, and playing under the table. He can't stop every second.


In 1952, the 5-year-old Cruyff followed his father to give fruit baskets to the club’s wounded. It was the first time he bought into the team’s gate and at the same time met the first noble man in his life: Henk- Angel, his father's best friend, Ajax stadium manager. Genk asked him if he wanted to help with some work at the club. Since then, John Cruyff has become a part of Ajax.

1952年,五岁的克鲁伊夫(Croyff)跟着父亲为俱乐部的伤员提供了水果篮。这是他第一次买入球队的大门,同时又遇到了他一生中第一个高尚的男人:父亲最好的朋友,阿贾克斯体育场经理Henk- Angel。亨克问他是否想帮助俱乐部做一些工作。从那时起,约翰·克鲁伊夫(John Cruyff)成为Ajax的一部分。

Seven years later, in 1959, Cruyff's father died of a heart attack caused by high cholesterol at the age of 45; Genk's wife also died prematurely, which made him and Cruyff's mother finally come together , Once the closest "Uncle Henk", later became Cruyff's stepfather.


Cruyff had been in poor health since he was a child, and he thought he might repeat his father's mistakes and pass away prematurely in the future.


More than 30 years later, when he was coaching in Barcelona, ​​he once wrestled with death for almost the same reason, but the advanced medical technology at that time was enough to save his life.


In 1957, 10-year-old Cruyff officially became a member of Ajax. In the following years, he met many nobles who directly changed his football destiny.


For example, Jany Van Der Veen, the enlightenment coach of Cruyff at the age of 12 not only taught him football, but also made up special lessons for him to fill in the vacancies in cultural courses and teach him the principles and values ​​of humanity; in addition, Yanni also worked with Jack Reynolds, the earliest founder of the "all offense and all defense" concept, so that this idea sowed the seeds in Cruyff's mind;

例如,克鲁伊夫12岁时的启蒙教练珍妮·范德文(Jany Van Der Veen)不仅教给他足球,而且还为他补习了特别课程,以填补文化课程中的空缺,并教给他原理和价值观。人性;此外,Yanni还与“全攻全防”概念的最早创始人杰克·雷诺兹(Jack Reynolds)合作,从而使这一想法在克鲁伊夫的思想中播下了种子。

For example, British Vic Beckingham, he brought Cruyff into the first team, and he also provided Cruyff's mother with a job that could support the family;

例如,英国的维克·贝克汉姆(Vic Beckingham),他将克鲁伊夫带入了第一支球队,还为克鲁伊夫的母亲提供了可以养家的工作。

Another example is Michels, as everyone knows, to carry forward the legend of "all offense and all defense".


When Michels first arrived, Ajax was in the lower reaches of the league. Compared with the competitive level, he first started from a management perspective to reform Ajax from an amateur club to a professional club with a sound management system in all aspects, and promoted the professionalization of players.


Kaiser, who later fell in love with Cruyff, became the first professional player in team history, and Cruyff was the second to sign a professional contract.


At the time, 18-year-old Cruyff was the youngest member of the first team. Michels recognized his talent very much, and he was accustomed to starting a small stove.


Although Cruyff, who hates a lot of physical training, often sneaks and rapes (this trick was later stolen by his apprentice Rijkaard), but this does not affect Michels' love for him.


In training and even actual games, Michels will pull Cruyff alone, especially to the back of the team, to guide him on how to think about team operations from the rear perspective.


Since becoming the head coach of the first team in 1965, Michels has gradually instilled his concept of "all offense and defense" into the team. Through training in discipline, technique, thinking and space, he has built a team of kings. division. In the next ten years, they will win 6 Eredivisie titles and 4 Dutch Cup titles.


In 1966, Cruyff and Ajax shocked Europe for the first time. On December 7, amid the cheering of 55,722 home spectators, they beat Liverpool, one of the hottest teams in Europe at the time, with a score of 4-0 at half time and 5-1 at the time.

1966年,克鲁伊夫和阿贾克斯首次震惊欧洲。 12月7日,在55,722名主场观众的欢呼声中,他们击败了利物浦,这是当时欧洲最热门的球队之一,半场得分为4-0,当时为5-1。

After this battle, the whole team realized that from a technical perspective, they were already European first-class, and Michels' training results were demonstrated in the European arena. The team is clearly on the right path.


On the way to the Champions League trophy, Ajax recruited troops and introduced many strong aids including the former Yugoslav freeman Vasovic.


In 1969, they successfully broke into the Champions League final and lost to AC Milan with a score of 1-4; two years later, they made a comeback and did not let the crown fall.


In the 1971 final, Ajax defeated Panathinaikos 2-0;


In the 1972 final, it was because of Cruyff's goal in the second half that Ajax defeated Inter Milan 2-0;


In the 1973 final, Ajax defeated Juventus 1-0, thus achieving an epic three consecutive Champions League titles. In these three years, Cruyff also won the first two European Golden Globe Awards in his life in 1971 and 1973, which can be called a double harvest for the individual team.


For this series of feats, Cruyff said that the key to Ajax's breakthrough and sitting on the throne is the combination of talent, technology and discipline. The prerequisite for full attack and defense is to exert talents and skills in a disciplined team. The individual strength of players in this system is not the most important, but distance and position sense are.


They are pursuing beautiful football and artistic football. They are constantly thinking while playing, and always appear in the most suitable position at the most appropriate time.


For him, playing football is a process of making mistakes. Making mistakes is not terrible. The most important thing is to learn from them. In the 1971 final, even if the team finally won the championship, he still felt that the overall oppression of the team was not doing well; and the next year against Inter Milan, he thought it was a good enough "all attack and defense" football.


After Ajax won the first Champions League trophy, Michels left the team and Kovac succeeded him. The latter has not been able to win the hearts of the players, even if the team wins two more championships in the future, Kovac is still in their hearts the spokesperson of "doing nothing", thinking that he is just eating Michels' roots.


Before the start of the 1973-74 season, Kovac left the team and George Konobel took over, but the rift in the team still failed to fill. The players voted for the captain. Most of them believed that Cruyff was too self-centered and chose Kaiser to be the captain. Cruyff immediately asked to leave the team (although he was robbed of the captain, decades later Cruyff still selected Kaiser as one of the 11 best teammates of his career).


Regarding this incident, the views of various parties have been divided for decades. For example, Cruyff himself argued that the Ajax board has not given bonuses to the players, nor has it played its due role in promoting the activities of the Dutch professional football players union. He thinks these are the incentives that led him to leave the team.


The public is justified, and the mother-in-law is right. No matter who is responsible, Cruyff has decided to go, and Ajax has no intention to stay.


Cruyff married his wife Dany in 1968, and Dany's father, his father-in-law Cor Coster (Cor Coster), was a successful businessman. He is well versed in business and acted as Cruyff's agent, to some extent he played the role of escort for Cruyff for decades to come.

克鲁伊夫(Cruyff)于1968年与妻子丹妮(Dany)结婚,丹妮(Dany)的父亲,他的岳父Cor Coster(Cor Coster)是一位成功的商人。他精通业务,并担任过克鲁伊夫的经纪人,在某种程度上,他在接下来的几十年中扮演着陪伴克鲁伊夫的角色。

At that time, Barcelona, ​​Spain, in the south, was looking for high-quality foreign aid, and their coach was Michels. Barcelona’s taxation is much lower than that of the Netherlands, and it can also play against Real Madrid in the league.


Under the operation of his father-in-law, he became a member of Barcelona with a world record worth 920,000 pounds. Although, to some extent, Cruyff was actually Michels' second choice after seeking Ged-Müller, which somewhat buried a thunder in the relationship between the two.


On September 5, 1973, Cruyff made his Barcelona debut in a friendly against Cercle Brugge, a hat-trick; on October 28, he completed his La Liga debut in a home game against Granada, scored Second time; in the end, Barcelona won the first league championship in 14 years by 8 points. This is his first year in Barcelona.

1973年9月5日,克鲁伊夫在对阵帽子戏法Cercle Brugge的友谊赛中首次亮相巴塞罗那。 10月28日,他在对阵格拉纳达的主场比赛中完成了西甲联赛的处子秀,这是他第二次进球。最终,巴塞罗那以8分的成绩赢得了14年来的首个联赛冠军。这是他在巴塞罗那的第一年。

Barcelona's 5-0 victory over Real Madrid is one of the most wonderful memories of his career. In this game Michels asked Cruyff to retreat appropriately, so as to create better space for others. But about this game, there is an unknown, or rather laughable inside story.


A friend of Michels was the neighbor of Real Madrid’s central defender Benito at the time. Benito often visited the door, and he inadvertently leaked the wind, let Michels know that Real Madrid was planning to play area defense instead of man-to-man. In this way, Cruyff's retreat became the best response.


If you speak more, you will lose.


In the 1974 World Cup, Michels personally took charge, and the Dutch national team led by Ajax and Feyenoord made its first appearance in the world's spotlight. Next to Cruyff are the shining names of Neskens, Van Hanegem, Kaiser, Rensenbrink, Kroll, and Ali Hahn.

在1974年世界杯足球赛上,米歇尔(Michels)亲自负责,由阿贾克斯(Ajax)和费耶诺德(Feyenoord)率领的荷兰国家队首次亮相世界。在克鲁伊夫旁边是Neskens,Van Hanegem,Kaiser,Rensenbrink,Kroll和Ali Hahn等闪亮的名字。

Cruyff, who appeared in the middle of the forward line in name, actually played the pseudo-9, or the role of a free agent in the frontcourt, which was popular all over the world more than 40 years later. His footprints spread all over the frontcourt.


When the team initiates a ground advance from the backcourt, Cruyff will often take the initiative to retreat to the depths of his side to respond, while the old Chinese fan acquaintance Ali Hahn, who was originally in the free agent position, plugged in. Organization point of the frontcourt.


In the second battle against Sweden, Cruyff staged a stunning "Cruyff Turn".


In fact, this is not Cruyff's first appearance in the international arena. Just a few days ago against Uruguay in the first match, Cruyff had already completed a performance.


The Netherlands left a classic but imperfect World Cup tour. As a European team, they beat South America three times in the same cup, which became a popular story; especially in the semi-finals, they defeated the top technically. World champion Brazil, Rensenbrink's retracement gave the full-back Kroll behind him to open the space in the front pass, Cruyff scored the goal and scored the official best goal of the game.


This is the most "full defense" Dutch football, and similarly, there will be the first record in the finals afterwards.


Facing West Germany, led by famous generals such as Beckenbauer, Ged-Müller and Breitner, the Netherlands succeeded in breaking the deadlock without even letting West German players touch a ball in the opening match. Let's take a closer look at this fragment that perfectly shows Cruyff's football art.


Cruyff, the named striker, voluntarily retreated to the backcourt and directed his teammates forward. With free agent Ali Hahn and man-marking center defender Lesberger, Cruyff is the veritable last player on the team besides the goalkeeper.

克鲁伊夫(前名射手)自愿退居后场并指示队友前行。与自由球员阿里·哈恩(Ali Hahn)和人盯人中后卫莱斯伯格(Lesberger)一样,克鲁伊夫是除守门员外名副其实的球队中最后一名球员。

And this is exactly what Michels taught by opening a small stove: "Learn to observe the whole situation from the rear." This idea was also taught by Cruyff in Barcelona, ​​and Guardiola was the master of later generations.


When the Dutch team advanced to the frontcourt, Cruyff, who was at the back, got the ball in the center circle and hit Huanglong single-handedly. If the retracement organization is the crystallization of its ideas and consciousness, then this single-soldier foray is the foundation for him to win the title of "Dutch Flying Man".


However, a perfect start does not mean a more perfect ending. In the next 90 minutes, Holland's full attack and defense seemed to have lost its magic, and Vogts stuck behind Cruyff like a brown sugar.


They lost to West Germany, and the second goal was a reflection of the state and mentality of the Netherlands at the time: the arrogant soldiers will lose.


In the following decades, many witnesses, including Cruyff and Van Hanechen, admitted that the Dutch team at the time valued how to play beautiful football more than the glory of the championship. This made them lose something, something they must have to win on the court.


Nevertheless, Cruyff still won the world's recognition, won the World Cup Golden Globe as the runner-up of the World Cup, as well as the 74 European Golden Globe.


In 1977, Cruyff suffered a robbery in his home in Barcelona. In the next six months, wherever the family went, the police would protect them, and even the police would sleep in their home at night. Although the Dutch coach Happel had communicated with him many times, hoping that he could return to the national team for the upcoming World Cup, and the Dutch fans also jointly petitioned, but due to family safety concerns, the matter was finally abandoned. The Netherlands, led by Rensenbrink, also unfortunately missed the championship in the finals.


In the early years, Cruyff deliberately retired after 1978 when he was 31 years old, especially after he determined that Franco deliberately targeted him and Barcelona, ​​this attitude became more determined.


However, for economic reasons, Cruyff failed to end his playing career as planned. At that time, Spain’s tax system was undergoing major reforms. Barcelona’s new chairman Núñez and Cruyff were not in a harmonious relationship. They were unwilling to help him resolve tax issues, who publicly stated that he would retire and leave the team. As a result, he lost a huge amount of US$6 million. ; Another irrational investment in the pig industry made him lose everything.

但是,出于经济原因,克鲁伊夫未能按计划结束他的职业生涯。当时,西班牙的税制正在经历重大改革。巴塞罗那的新任主席努涅斯和克鲁伊夫的关系不融洽。他们不愿意帮助他解决税收问题,后者公开表示他将退休并离开团队。结果,他损失了600万美元。 ;养猪业的另一笔非理性投资使他失去了一切。

So, under the operation of his agent's father-in-law, he chose the United States as the next stop of his playing career, and his destination was Los Angeles Aztec. Coincidentally, Michels was also there.


The trip to the United States is of great significance to Cruyff. In the past, he was just a player, claiming to know nothing but playing football;


The three years in the United States gave him more in-depth exposure to some of the work of the club's operation and management level. At the same time, he also made friends with politicians including Robert McNamara, the former US Secretary of Defense and the President of the World Bank. By this, the Kennedy family also got on the line.

在美国的三年中,他更深入地了解了俱乐部澳门亚美官方平台运营和管理水平的某些工作。同时,他还与包括前美国国防部长,世界银行行长罗伯特·麦克纳马拉(Robert McNamara)在内的政界人士交了朋友。这样,肯尼迪一家也上线了。

After playing in the Major League for three years, he left this interesting and inspiring country. He began to rethink what it means to be a player and a manager in the future, which eventually drove him back to Dutch football. Return to Amsterdam, return to Ajax.


Ajax expressed his willingness to disregard the previous suspicions and welcome the return of this feat; however, Cruyff has extremely high requirements for income.


After many negotiations, Cruyff’s father-in-law agent proposed the best solution: First, Ajax would give him a maximum salary, and secondly, they would establish a pension fund that would ultimately benefit Cruyff. . All the newly increased ticket revenue due to Cruyff's return will be half of the pension fund, which makes him earn a lot of money.

经过多次谈判,克鲁伊夫的岳父代理人提出了最佳解决方案:首先,阿贾克斯(Ajax)将给他最高薪水,其次,他们将建立养老基金,最终使克鲁伊夫受益。 。由于克鲁伊夫的回报,所有新增加的机票收入将占养老金的一半,这使他赚了很多钱。

In the second year of the return, many of Ajax’s home games were set at the Olympic Stadium, which can accommodate 50,000 people. According to the above plan, Ajax believes that the ticket revenue allocated to Cruyff is excessively high. , The contradiction regenerates. At this time, mortal enemy Feyenoord extended an olive branch and expressed willingness to adopt this plan, and then they ushered in Cruyff.

回归的第二年,阿贾克斯的许多主场比赛都设在奥林匹克体育场,可容纳50,000人。根据上述计划,Ajax认为分配给Cruyff的门票收入过高。 ,矛盾重新产生。这时,致命的敌人费耶诺德(Feyenoord)伸出了橄榄枝,表示愿意采用这一计划,然后他们迎来了克鲁伊夫(Croyff)。

Cruyff said afterwards that his stepfather died during the negotiations with Ajax, and that Ajax's disrespect for this matter made him make the decision to go to Rotterdam.


The year in Feyenoord was also the last year of his playing career. He won the league and cup double crowns, the Eredivisie golden boots, and the best player in the Eredivisie. This is 37 years old. There is no more perfect curtain call than this. Answered the paper.


Cruyff’s transformation into a coach was not smooth. The Dutch Football Association’s coaching system at that time made it difficult for him to be a retired player who was already enough to serve as a professional coach in all aspects to quickly obtain a professional coaching certificate like now. Forcing him to start working in Ajax under the name of technical director.


The advanced concepts learned from the United States made him effective in managing Ajax. The core of "all offense and defense" reignited, and relying on Van Basten's header to win, they won the 1987 European Cup Winners' Cup.


Everyone knows that Cruyff, the technical director, is actually the head coach of the team. This result finally gave the Dutch Football Association the green light. However, only a year later, due to feuds with the club over signings and other issues, the two sides parted ways again-counting, this is the third time.


The next stop is Barcelona again.


The chairman's throne was in desperation for Nunez, who was in the midst of the wind and rain. He decided to invite Cruyff, who was at odds with him before, and made a compromise, giving the latter a series of permissions, including the absolute right to speak in the dressing room, and Right to decide when facing the media.


Returning to the club as the head coach gives him greater authority to realize his dreams. For example, the La Masia youth academy that was previously built has almost laid the foundation for Barcelona to take off for decades; for example, he was in Barcelona. The first team further implemented their own ideas, emphasizing a sense of space, a sense of position, and never-ending running without the ball.


He especially valued Ronald Koeman and Guardiola, both of which fit his football thinking almost perfectly, especially the cultivation of the latter, which not only changed Barcelona in the 1990s, but to some extent, it also changed 21 The future of Barcelona in the century.


The four consecutive league championships may be just a side dish of many achievements for Cruyff's "Dream One"; the great harvest in 1992 was a real highlight for him and for the club.

连续四次夺冠可能只是克鲁伊夫(Cruyff)的“梦想一号(Dream One)”取得的许多成就的补充。 1992年的丰收对于他和俱乐部都是一个真正的亮点。

In 1991, Cruyff advocated the introduction of Witzger from Ajax. The following 92 years meant many happy events for Cruyff: his daughter Chantal got married this year, and they were at Wembley Stadium a week later. Won the Champions League for the first time, it was Koeman who beat Sampdoria in overtime;


A few weeks later they won the league title again, but it is a pity that the Champions League hero Koeman was called by Michels to the moment when the national team failed to celebrate the glory.


During the coaching period of Barcelona, ​​he tried to integrate himself into the lives of the players and fought side by side with them. He would also put on protective clothing and stand by the side when the players had surgery, which would give the players peace of mind.


However, it is time to come-no matter where he goes, no matter what his identity, there is always friction between Cruyff and the team, and even this time in Barcelona, ​​he learned through the newspapers. The club plans to let Bobby Robson take over his coaching position-this is tantamount to humiliation.


However, just a few days ago, Cruyff was still discussing with Nunez on how to introduce Louis Enrique from Real Madrid, but Nunez seemed to only care about how to fire him. In the end, it was his assistant and friend, Charlie Rexach, who temporarily replaced him.

然而,就在几天前,克鲁伊夫仍在与努涅斯讨论如何从皇家马德里引进路易斯·恩里克,但努努兹似乎只在乎如何解雇他。最后,是他的助手和朋友查理·雷克萨(Charlie Rexach)暂时取代了他。

Cruyff's ups and downs in player and coaching career also brought many factors of instability to his son Jordi. At that time, he was also playing for Barcelona because of the discord between his father and the club, and his prospects were once bleak.


Fortunately, Sir Alex Ferguson shot him after Manchester United's 0-4 loss to Barcelona. He took him to Old Trafford at the age of 22. Later he went to Wigan Athletic and became a member of the Dutch national team. , Scored a key goal in the 96 European Cup against Switzerland.

幸运的是,亚历克斯·弗格森爵士在曼联0-4输给巴塞罗那后将他射杀。他在22岁时将他带到老特拉福德(Old Trafford)。后来他去了Wigan Athletic,并成为荷兰国家队成员。 ,在96场欧洲杯对阵瑞士的比赛中打进关键球。

Since then, perhaps tired of life on the coaching bench, Cruyff did not choose to pick up the pointer again, but to appreciate football as an audience. He claims to like the fiery atmosphere of English football.


Cruyff, who is far from the front line of professional football, began to be more active behind the scenes, but found that no matter where he went, there seemed to be not many people buying him. To put it bluntly, no one dared to get too close to him with his temperament and big mouth.


Because his utilitarian play "stained" his holy and beautiful Dutch football, he once lashed out at Van Basten and Van Marwijk as the head coach. To some extent, this represents the aspirations of a large number of people in the Netherlands, but it has also caused dissatisfaction among other people in the industry.


For example, in 2000, the coach of the Dutch national team goalkeeper had a big fight with Cruyff, just because the latter publicly stated that penalty kicks are not "artistic" at all. What is there to practice? However, how did the Netherlands get eliminated in the competition in those years?


In 1999, he was awarded the title of honorary member of Ajax, but he was unable to prevent Van Gaal from becoming the technical director of the club. Van der Sar and Ovimars, who had experienced in England, were famous Dutch legends. , It seems that he is not interested in his management methods.

1999年,他被授予阿贾克斯(Ajax)荣誉会员的头衔,但他无法阻止范加尔(Van Gaal)成为俱乐部的技术总监。在英格兰经历过的范德萨(Van der Sar)和奥维玛斯(Ovimars)是荷兰著名的传奇人物。 ,看来他对他的管理方法不感兴趣。

To put it bluntly, it is a false job.


In 2010, he was elected as the honorary chairman of Barcelona, ​​but a few months later, he was removed.


In his later years, apart from Laporta, there seems to be no senior manager willing to get too close to him.


The relationship between the two of them is unusually harmonious. It may be the only one among the leaders that Cruyff has dealt with in his life: Laporta gives Cruyff absolute respect, and K Ruif gave Laporta the best advice.


Therefore, the two candidates recommended by Cruyff, Rijkaard and Begiristan, created Dream II in one hand; and Cruyff’s personal disciple, Guardiola, who may be the most recognized by him in his life, brought The three greatest dream dynasties in club history.


Unfortunately, there is only one Laporta.


In the end, Cruyff himself gave up. In 2015, the call for him to have more say in the Ajax management was unprecedentedly loud, but he knew that he was old and that he, who lives in Barcelona, ​​was no longer suitable to mix this stuff.

最后,克鲁伊夫本人放弃了。 2015年,要求他在Ajax管理层发表更多言论的呼声空前高涨,但他知道自己年纪大了,居住在巴塞罗那的他不再适合混合这些东西。

A few months later, Cruyff was diagnosed with lung cancer, which was caused by a lifelong smoking addiction.


One year later, on March 24, 2016, the most splendid tulip that had ever died fell away.


But the wealth he left to football posters is already priceless.


1964-1973 Ajax


1973-1978 Barcelona


1978-1979 Los Angeles Aztec


1979-1981 Washington Diplomat


1981 Levante


1981-1983 Ajax


1983-1984 Feyenoord


1985-1988 Ajax


1988-1996 Barcelona


Club career 290 goals in 514 games


National team career 48 games with 33 goals


European Golden Globe Awards * 3

欧洲金球奖* 3

Champions League champion * 4

冠军联赛冠军* 4

Eredivisie champion * 9

Eredivisie冠军* 9

La Liga champion * 5

西甲冠军* 5

European Cup Winners' Cup * 2

欧洲优胜者杯* 2

European Super Cup * 1

欧洲超级杯* 1

澳门亚美-【#陕西球迷远征军# 】本场比赛对阵浙江能源绿城...
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